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Will We Get Rid of Inflation? Quick View of Economic Trends and Predictions


The question of whether we can get rid of inflation is a pertinent one, especially considering the current economic landscape. Inflation, which refers to the general increase in prices and fall in purchasing value of money, has been a persistent concern for policymakers, economists, and the public. This article examines various expert opinions and predictions on the subject, as well as the potential role of cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence in shaping the future of inflation.

The State of the Economy

According to a podcast episode featuring Tyler Cowen, an economist and professor, the state of the economy is facing numerous challenges, including the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, recession anxiety, and persistent inflation (, 2023). Cowen's discussion also touches on the seduction of cryptocurrencies and the potential salvation offered by artificial intelligence, suggesting that experts are exploring alternative means to tackle ongoing economic issues.

Inflation Predictions

A news clip from GBN News Saturday discusses the role of the bank in controlling inflation (, 2023). The speaker suggests that inflation is likely to come down very rapidly, and the bank itself thinks so as well. However, the speaker also believes that the rate of decline might be faster than what the bank anticipates. This implies that the situation might be improving in the near future, but it remains uncertain whether this improvement will be sustained.

Cryptocurrencies and Artificial Intelligence

The rise of cryptocurrencies and the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the economy are both intriguing areas of discussion. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have gained significant traction as alternative forms of currency, offering a level of decentralization and protection against inflation. Meanwhile, advancements in artificial intelligence could potentially lead to improvements in economic forecasting and policy implementation, further aiding in the management of inflation.


While it is difficult to definitively answer whether we can get rid of inflation based on the provided web search results, it is clear that the current state of the economy, banks, and inflation is a complex and evolving issue. Various opinions and factors are at play, and while some sources suggest that inflation might decrease rapidly and the economy may recover, other sources point to the ongoing challenges and uncertainties that must be addressed. As cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence continue to develop and impact the economy, it will be interesting to observe how they may influence the future of inflation.

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