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PSA Group Acquires 75% Stake in Turkish Logistics Company Alışan Lojistik

In a big-time shakeup in the global logistics sector, Singapore's very own PSA Group has scooped up a hefty 75% stake in Alışan Lojistik, one of the top dogs in the Turkish logistics scene. This move signals PSA Group's serious interest in the potential of the Turkish market, and boy, are they placing a big bet on it (HalkTV, 2023).

Alışan Lojistik ain't your run-of-the-mill logistics company. It's a family-run business with a rich history that spans about 40 years, now managed by the second generation. With a workforce of approximately 1,600 strong, it has a solid footprint in the Turkish logistics industry. Now, with PSA Group in the mix, things are looking up for Alışan to broaden its horizons (Jurnalci, 2023).

Tan Chong Meng, the big boss of PSA Group, can't help but be bullish about Turkey's long-term growth. It's clear that this acquisition isn't just about quick wins. It's a strategic power move to position PSA Group for a successful run in Turkey and possibly even beyond. The nitty-gritty of the partnership agreement is still under wraps, but no doubt, it's a game-changer for the Turkish logistics market.

All in all, PSA Group's acquisition of a major chunk of Alışan Lojistik is a big deal in the Turkish logistics landscape. It screams of international confidence in Turkey's logistics industry and hints at a future full of growth and expansion opportunities. It'll be exciting to see how this plays out, for both Alışan Lojistik and the wider Turkish logistics market.


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